Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pole Fitness?

Pole fitness is the latest way to exercise.

The benefits are:

Tones upper and lower body: arms, stomach, shoulders, thighs and bottom

Burns Calories

Great for flexibility, co-ordination and stamina

Boosts your confidence and self esteem -

Have fun while exercising

What to Wear?

Shorts / bike shorts, t-shirt / singlet / tank tops are recommended for classes. For the higher levels you will require to have bare arms and legs, as this helps with gripping the pole. On your feet you may go bare footed or wear dance sneakers / jazz shoes and joggers. You may also wear high heels however, I recommend only after you have mastered some moves. You “MUST NOT” wear any creams, oils or moisturisers on your body or hands the day of your pole class, as this will affect you gripping the pole and also will affect the classes that follows.

Can I make up Classes?

Make up classes must be done within the same term, they are not transferable to another term. If you know you are going to miss any classes, please advise us so the class is not delayed for your arrival. If possible, I recommend you make up your class in the same week, to prevent you falling behind in the course.

Do I need to have any Dance Experience or a certain level of Fitness?

Pole fitness classes is a gradually build up of your strength and fitness level. Starting with beginners and work your way up to higher levels over a period of time. Dance experience is not required as the routines are catered to all levels from absolute beginners through to more advanced student.

What age do I have to be to do Pole fitness?

There are students ranging from 15yrs (with parents permission until 18yrs) up to 70yrs +. Pole fitness is a great way to exercise while having fun. Exercise is a great way to keep you mind and body feeling younger. If you put you mind to it, anything is achievable. If you are bored of the usual gym routine, wanting to lose that post baby fat, unwind from work or studies, tone up, socialise or would like to try something new, our courses are great for all women (and men) of all ages and sizes to feel great and look good.